Episode 3: Step Up And Out: Addressing Women’s Global Mistreatment

The Help Show interviews three amazing women for Women History Month. Pam Fields founder of Visible Unity, a minister, scholar and activist, Candace Thompson community outreach manager at Baylor Scott and White Wellness Center at Juanita J Craft Recreation Center and Kenyatta Black LPC. NiEtta and Dr. Ken have an open dialogue about equity for all and the importance of gender equality. They also discussed how equality is beneficial to society as a whole. In economic gains can be made with the emancipation and empowerment of women. With women in the untidy center, we confront difficulties in the present working environment. In this monthly podcast, we further the conversation about men and women, equality and equity. Fairness and equality is not a female issue, it’s a social and financial objective.

NiEtta sits down privately with Kenyatta Black and discusses how women’s rights and the feminist movement have a long, storied place in American history, and how trauma has occurred over the years because of social and economic hardship. They also talk about the # Metoo movement and how it has given women a platform to talk

about mistreatment and also has held their oppressors accountable for their conduct. They also talk about modern roles of the household and wonder if duties are no longer gender driven and the importance of communication as a way to define the roles in a relationship.

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