Episode 7 LATINX Mental Health: Costa Rica (PT.1)

In this months episode Latinx Mental Health: Costa Rica , NiEtta and Cary discuss how Costa Rica’s active aging, judicial system, community, and foundation of education have a long, storied place in this Central American nation. Costa Rica has one of the most incredible biodiversity and rich cultures, a passion for freedom, a history of democracy, equality, and education for all. The people of Costa Rica, who call themselves Ticos, are famous for their cheerful outlook, their conflict-averse nature and their laid-back approach to life. These cultural

traits, combined with the country’s relatively high standard of living, have led some researchers to conclude that Costa Rica is the “Happiest Country on Earth.”

NiEtta interviews Dr. Rebecca Judd, an Associate Professor and current department chair for The School of Social Work at Texas A&M Commerce. They talk about the importance of having culture, humility, and being able to embrace the curiosity of other races and getting out of your comfort zone while trying new experiences. Dr. Judd also gave some mental hygiene tips on how to improve your quality of life. NiEtta also interviews Tropical Biologist Francisco Morazon, native from Costa Rico. They talk about the environmental economy in Costa Rica and even the positive reaction the rain forest has to your body.

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