Episode 104: Being There, Fatherhood Mental Health, Sports

Healthy fathers help produce healthy families. They uphold the reputation of being providers, leaders, and sustainers of the household. Generational heritage is embedded in the tradition of taking on the males’ last names. This dignified process symbolizes the significance of the male figure in various communities. This month’s podcast will address fatherhood, the longest-running African American holiday, Juneteenth, and Men mental health and sports. Juneteenth commemorates the official freedom of slavery. As for men and mental health, the two topics continue to remain at contrasting odds. Men have been categorized under the counseling-resistant population. The Help Show seeks to assist in bridging the gap associated with the stigma of mental health and connect people to other helpful resources and platforms. NiEtta will host our podcast to help us understand the significance of fatherhood, masculinity in sports, and the dos and don’ts of managing your emotions. In addition, NiEtta is passionate about educating the community on mental health issues, so she uses her platform to engage people from all walks of life in spreading mental health awareness. Our co-host, Dr. Kenneth Rogers, has over 20 years of experience as a board-certified psychiatrist addressing PTSD and other trauma. His clinical research demonstrates the positive outcomes of intervention through community-based mental health programs. He will help lead our discussion regarding the mental health issues resulting from the stress of change and fear in adults and children. This month’s special guest Von Eaglin is a licensed professional counselor supervisor with a group practice in North Dallas. He is a certified couple relationship trainer and sees a wide range of clients addressing couples, family systems, men’s issues, anger management, abuse, and addiction, just to name a few. He is a doctoral candidate at the University of North Texas in the Counseling and Higher Education department and an adjunct faculty member at SMU. He’s also a recurring guest expert on the nationally syndicated One Life Radio program. His Ph.D. research focuses on couple relationship dynamics. Von is a native of Beaumont, Texas, and has lived in the DFW area since 2000. He’s been married for 16 years and has a one year one son.

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