Episode 103 ” Does She Make The Cut”? Women in Mental Health in Sports “

For May, the Help Show is exploring the struggles and successes of women athletes, from the biased assumptions that women face in sports to what women athletes everywhere can do to empower the young women and girls who look up to them. Sports can undeniably serve as a source of strength and agency in women’s mental health. While female athletes have come a long way, sexist mindsets and behaviors can seriously impact a woman’s mental health and athletic career. We are happy for you to join us for our latest episode. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and we hope that by providing resources on women’s mental health, we may educate, empower, and assist you or a loved one. For this month’s newsletter and podcast episode, we will be discussing the psychological effects of sexism on women athletes, how sports can uplift women, and what women can do to help combat gender-based discrimination both on and off the field. NiEtta will host our podcast to help us understand the significance of mental health in today’s women athletes, from recreational athletes to professional athletes, and their ability to perform. This podcast aims to spread awareness regarding mental health and sports and how players can get the help they need when facing racial inequalities and other stressors both on and off the field. NiEtta is passionate about educating the community on mental health issues, so she uses her platform to engage people from all walks of life in spreading mental health awareness. Our co-host, Dr. Kenneth Rogers, has over 20 years of experience as a board-certified psychiatrist addressing PTSD and other trauma. His clinical research demonstrates the positive outcomes of intervention through community-based mental health programs. He will help lead our discussion regarding the mental health issues resulting from the stress of change and fear in adults and children. This month’s special guest is Dr. Erica Force. Dr. Erica Force is a licensed psychologist specializing in sport psychology, working with adolescent, collegiate, professional, and elite athletes. In her private practice, she provides counseling services to individual athletes and teams in the community. Dr. Force is nationally qualified as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and is a registered Sport Psychologist with the United States Olympic Committee. She currently serves as the Head of Athletics Counseling Services in Athletics at Georgetown University. She has served as a team sport psychologist for teams such as the Dallas Wings of the WNBA

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