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a Contemporary Art Gallery representing BIPOC ARTISTS locally and abroad in various mediums mixed media, sculpture, performance art and digital.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 12 – 6pm


Daisha Board

Gallery Owner/ Daisha Board Gallery




“I want the viewer to YIELD in an unforced and unbribed way to the inclusion/incorporation of familiar images. I want the public to take notice; analogous to Yielding to even the shape and color to the familiar traffic yield sign. 

I want the viewer to STOP and notice the intentional visual obliterations/changes to those familiar images; the subtle sayings, symbols and abbreviations; the juxtapositions of color that somehow come together in an acceptable and agreeable harmony. 

I want to challenge the norms. I want people to be moved. Even shocked. Because even though we are familiar with commonplace images (or YIELD signs), I must find adaptations which continue to challenge our human complacency. I want my images to be a catalyst for both reaction and conversation. By saying and depicting what a lot of people think but would rather not say. 

It is only after the preceding that I can more fully savor the creative process, truly take the honor and be humbled by the public’s true and genuine appreciation for what I am trying to accomplish, be inspired by that yielding, and look forward to my continued growth as an established and recognized artist; all while remaining true to my authentic self while Yielding to that creative process. 

-Gerald Bell, 2021 @kgbell21

Gerald Bell’s YIELD, November 12, 2021 through December 19, 2021. Visit us in the beautiful West Dallas area near Trinity Groves, Fabrication Yard, The Tin District & The Belmont Hotel.

Check out www.daishaboardgallery.com for information on this amazing body of work (Pop Art/Shock Art) and pricing!

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