Roxanne Raphael


Roxanne Raphael is a Texas native that now resides in Miami, Florida and has 20 plus years of customer service. She has a passion for connecting people to financial and health resources in their community. She realized people who live in inequality communities didn’t understand the significance of life insurance, so she made it of importance to explain the benefits. Working for a multi-million-dollar life insurance company, allowed her to educate and connect with her Miami Florida district. Mrs. Raphael recognized although life insurance is very valuable, your mind, body, and wellness is just as essential. Now being a full-time licensed massage therapist and Qigong practitioner for over a decade. Roxanne firmly believes in and witnesses the power the mind plays in bringing about healing. She is dedicated to seeking out different avenues such as affordable/free counseling, support groups, dance/movement classes, Qigong/meditation classes in which she can help others facilitate their emotional and physical well-being.

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