NiEtta Reynolds (Founder/ President)

Founder/Chairman of Board

NiEtta Reynolds has been an independent consultant for over fifteen years. Having worked for various small, developing businesses. She has the ability to exceed expectations by building long-lasting relationships, holding positive visions of people, and provide strength through her leadership skills. She brings the utmost honesty, and confidence to the table. NiEtta gracefully accepts constructive criticism and provides positive feedback to others.

NiEtta’s professional, and personal experience has led her to the creation of: The Help Show. Over the years, NiEtta has connected family, friends and people she has met in the community to support groups other resources such as the MLK Center, NAMI, and Mental Health America of Greater Dallas .She spoke at the University of Texas South Western Medical Center about ; signs and systems of mental health diseases and community. She also spoke about resources that are available in the community. Ms. Reynolds became a qualified mental health professional (QMPH) for Youth Advocate Program, a nationally recognized, nonprofit organization exclusively committed to the community out-care services for the underprivileged. She volunteered with Mental Health America Public Policy Director in implementing mental health policies. Ms. Reynolds currently serves as a member of the Texas Chapter of National Associations of Social Work (NASW), The National Leadership and Success, and is a member of National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI).

NiEtta Reynolds channels her passion and concern for others experiencing mental health challenges through advocacy as a mental health counselor. She has earned her Master of Social Work from Texas A&M University – Commerce

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