We believe our monthly podcast educates and spreads awareness on the issues of mental health and current events in today’s society. The Help Show sees the importance of discussing mental health in an open and engaging format. We hope to change the perception of mental health thorough the stories and expertise of our guests.

Domestic Violence: Survivor

NiEtta sets down with Dallas native Kim O with Foundation: Action With Compassion about her personal experience she faced with domestic violence with her ex-husband. Mrs. Kim O talks not only about surviving domestic violence but thriving through that tragic part of...

Art in Education Month: School Daze

NiEtta and Tiffany interview Andrea Davis LPC-AT/S ATR-BC @adavisart with Dallas Art Therapy; and Cedrick Chandler @periodotgenius visuals arts taecher at Boude Storey Middle School they explore how important art is because it encompasses all the developmental domains...

Mental Health Minority Month: For the Culture pt. 1

NiEtta interviews psychologist Dr. Michael Selders on the importance of minority mental health and understanding stigma. They also talk about racial/ethnic disparities in health and mental health status that have received increasing attention, that reflect access to...

Mental Health and Fatherhood: New Identity pt. 2

NiEtta and Tiffany interview artist and activist Frank Frazier, an artist that endured much pain but also have brought joy to many. Black history and culture influence his love of art, Mr. Frazier had doubts about who his father was but was heavenly affected by the...

Mental Health and Fatherhood: New Identity pt. 1

NiEtta and Tiffany talk about how fatherhood changes a man's identity, and how men can benefit through artistic expression with Von Eaglin MED, LPC-S with Preston Place Counseling. Mr. Eaglin discusses the unique contribution that men bring to the lives of young...

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