Party With A Purpose Rollathon 2021



HOST: NiEtta Reynolds

Founder of The Help Show

About the Event

The goal of the Rollathon: Party with a Purpose is to raise design and construction funds for the future Legacy of Hope Health & Wellness Center in South Dallas. Founded by Dr. E. Michelle Morgan, DDS, her mission is to revitalize South Dallas healthcare, and to fulfill the promise of the original 1960 facility (Forest Hospital) that once housed one of Dallas’ only Black-owned and operated hospitals. Her vision for this center is to help under resourced Black residents be proactive with their physical and mental health, supporting a state-of-the-art comprehensive Black-owned and operated healthcare facility.

Fundraiser host The Help Show, a podcast dedicated to mental health, will also be committing 25% of the money raised to fund the Help Show’s mission of providing mental health resources to Dallas and beyond. We are bringing The Help Show’s network of partners and listeners together as a community to support a future where we can reduce the stigma of mental health and empower people to take charge of their mental wellbeing. After an extremely trying pandemic year, people need to come together more than ever, feel good about raising money for a purpose, and let off some steam with an 80s themed roller-skating party.

Co- host: Bethany Wilkins

Co- Founder of Unlock

Ticket Sales / Sponsorship / Peer - to- Peer


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Early Bird

$50 early bird tickets on sale up until October 18th
Tickets pay for all-you-can-eat and raffle entry & skates

$75 ticket at the door*
Tickets pay for all-you-can-eat and & skates

Peer -to- Peer

Want to raise money for the cause? Start your own P2P fundraising teams. Click on the link to find out how
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